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Wedding and
Party Planner

Wedding and Party Program
Perfect for weddings and other private parties
Helpful Hints
Tips to help make your life easier

Backing up your data

Files and data stored on your computer are the most important information you have, so you no doubt back up everything regularly. But what do you do if you have a burglary, or a fire, and lose everything?

We can recommend an online storage site which automatically backs up anything you want it to - and even keeps two extra backup copies if you change the file - have a look at

The good thing is that the costs are free (or minimal) with 5Gb of free storage, and it is easy to install. You can also transfer files to another computer, or see them on your mobile if it is web enabled.

Alternatively, if you wish to back up at home, we suggest:
Directly Connected Disk or Network Attached Storage (NAS)

These can automatically Backup at a certain time. For anyone living locally we can do this for you for £25.00.


Boost your computer's performance

This website can test your computer to see if it can improve its performance; they can see the memory in your computer and recommend what you need:



This road travel reporting website provides road traffic information, updated every five minutes using sensors placed on motorways and common A / B roads:


Watch and record Freeview on your iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac

There's loads of stuff on this site - if you're not sure which version you need, just phone them and they'll point you in the right direction: Hauppage Computer Works

Running our Programs using a Mac or Linux
Please click here to download a helpful document for running all of our programs on Macs.

Telephoning from the screen
All of our programs allow you to telephone from the screen, but some computers do not have a phone connection included. You need a USB Modem and we suggest: External V.92 56K USB Fax Modem

Setting up email
To email from any of the Shaw Programs or to send invoices by email automatically, you must have Outlook or Outlook Express. It is possible to use both of these programs through AOL or Hotmail. Go to:
How to configure Outlook Express to use a Hotmail account
How to configure an AOL e-mail account in Outlook Express
If you have any problems, please contact us

FREE Easy Data Input Program
Our free easy data input program allows you to easily copy information that you intend to use in your Shaw Program from your Microsoft systems on your computer. To download this, see our Easy Data Input Program

Slow Running Computers
Computers run slowly for any number of reasons, from viruses to files not working as well as they once did. We can sort slow running computers out for you from just £25 per hour. Please contact us to arrange this.

Creating PDFs for Free
If you need to create PDFs for free, we recommend CutePDF writer. This free software enables you to create professional looking PDF documents at the touch of a button. Once installed, just print your document to the CutePDF writer. You will see a dialog box allowing you to save your document as a PDF file. You can download this free software from

Everybody needs little reminders
You can easily lose a post-it note, but for just $20 you can download notes to your computer so that you can always see them. Download this from:

Make long website names shorter
Make long website names shorter by using some free software called Tiny URL. Tiny URL will make your website name shorter but people will still be taken to the same website when they click on it. Download this from

Say 'No' to 0870 Numbers and save
If you donít want to use 0870 numbers, try this website, which shows alternative numbers when they're available. And they won't cost you an arm and a leg, either! -

Unwanted Phone Calls
If you are receiving unwanted calls in the U.K., dial 100 and then press 4. This gives you an operator, who you can explain your problem to, and who will connect you to the right person who will try and stop the calls.

Also, the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a free service which is the official central opt-out register on which you can record your preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls.

Well this is a quirky site and well worth a look - it's a place for people to share things they're willing to do for $5 -
Data Entry

Data Entry Program
Our free download
for importing your data

Horse Management
A comprehensive program for all types of horse businesses, large and small
Stock Control

Stock Control Program
Manage your stock
and control costs
Contact Organiser
& Address Book
Lifestyle and Address Book Program
Affordable organiser for your busy family life
Contact Program

Business Contact Program
Email and communicate
with all of your
business contacts
Home Inventory

Inventory Program

For Multiple Properties and Individuals, a versatile property and asset tracker

Consultancy Program
Ideal for everybody from Image Consultants to Physiotherapists
Bulk Email

Bulk Email Program
Contact any amount
of email addresses
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