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Home Inventory
Home Inventory Program

For Multiple Properties and Individuals, a versatile property and asset tracker

Effective and Affordable Computer Programs

Shaw Programs have developed a range of powerful yet simple and easy-to-use software programs to meet all of your organisational needs.
We can also create bespoke database programs for you or your business to streamline your work and increase productivity and efficiency.


30 day FREE trial on all of our Programs


These comprehensive programs are ideal for everyone who wants to manage their business or personal life more efficiently. Whether you’re managing complex projects, juggling lots of clients or planning a large-scale event, our programs are sure to help you with all aspects of organisation and management.


See what the programs do:

 Visit the relevant page for the program that best suits you and click on

Program Description for full details:


Inventory    Equestrian Management    Contact Organiser    Event Planning    Bulk Email


Stock Control     Consultancy     Business Contact Organiser     Free Data Entry


  Try us and see the difference our programs can make to your business! Download your FREE trial today.


Whether it's for the care of people, horses, families, properties, time, assets or stock,

all of our cost-effective computer programs are designed with you in mind.
They are user-friendly, come with full security, extensive on-screen help and FREE updates. There are no subscriptions and no further purchases necessary.
We also provide personalised training and support, and can tailor our software

to your specific needs.


All of our programs are being updated, starting with the Horse Management Program, to give you easy downloads, fully inclusive help and a new, slick appearance.
A few updates are also being included to suit the functionality of the new version. For existing users, support can be given to update your existing data files


Why Choose Shaw Programs?

We listen to our customers and have endeavoured to make all of

our cost-effective programs as useful and practical as possible.
That’s why they all have the following features:


  • A simple, user-friendly design
  • All of our programs are designed for computers using any version of Windows; Mac and Linux users please click here for our guide
  • Full compatibility with any Windows-based program for easy information sharing
  • All of our programs are fully tested and reliable, with comprehensive support
  • No limits to the amount of data you can enter
  • A flexible design which can be easily customised to suit your needs
  • Quick screen links for communicating by phone and email, and for quick web access
  • International options for overseas clients
  • Competitive, one-off pricing
  • FREE updates
  • Network capability, for use on multiple computers
  • Full data security
  • Additional training, available by arrangement
  • FREE Easy Data Input Program for quick set-up

Our customers are very important to us. We listen to all customer feedback

and, where viable, try to incorporate suggestions into our FREE program updates.
If you want a program specifically designed for your requirements,

then email us or give us a call (Tel: 07785 277 421) and we can advise

of our very competitive bespoke prices

Stock Control

Stock Control Program
Manage Stock, Ordering and Invoicing, versatile, bar-code compatible programs

Equestrian Management Program
A comprehensive program for all types of horse businesses, large and small

Consultancy Program
A powerful business management program for Health, Fitness and Specialised Consultants. Ideal for Sole Traders or the Self-Employed
Contact Organiser
& Address Book

Lifestyle and Address Book Program
An affordable family organiser for multiple schedules, lessons and appointments
Contact Program

Business Contact Program
A flexible user-friendly program to organise and communicate effectively with your business contacts
Party and Event Planning
Party and Event Planning Program
Ideal for Fundraising, Weddings and other Private Events
Entry Program

Data Entry Program
Our FREE simple download for importing your data into any
Shaw Program
Bulk Email

Bulk Email Program
Simple software to
help you contact any number of email addresses at a time
Programs in

Shaw Programs
If you are interested
in any of these,
please contact us

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