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Wedding and
Party Planner

Wedding and Party Program
Perfect for weddings and other private parties

Effective and Affordable Computer Programs

At Shaw Programs, we’ve developed a whole range of effective and easy to use software, for both individuals and businesses, covering our wedding planning program, business contact management program, consultancy management program, personal contact organiser, stock control program, home inventory program, horse management program.

All of our programs are specifically designed for purpose, never just ‘churned out’, and are highly adaptable.

They’re user-friendly, flexible, simple, and effective – after all, who wants to waste time on a steep learning curve getting to grips with new software?

Should you need it though, we are only too pleased to provide free training sessions for you or your organisation.

Not only are our programs simple and effective, but there’s no limit to the amount of data that can be entered - ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

All programs are fully tested for reliability, data security and are compatible with Windows and Mac, via a virtual window.

Still need convincing? Here’s what you can expect from a Shaw program:

  •  International Settings

  •  Free 30-day trial

  • Programs are easy to download

  •  Access multiple websites from each program

  •  Call or email contacts straight from screen

  •  Predictive typing with all dropdown menus

  •  Save and open a variety of attachments in their original file format

  •  Reminders of all key tasks to perform / important dates, upon opening programs

  •  Highly adaptable: wedding planner can convert to party planner

  •  All data can be exported to Excel, CSV files, HTML, Notepad

  •  Reports can be exported to Excel, HTML, PDF, SNP, txt

  •  All Programs can be networked with other computers

  •  Free updates

Please see the individual videos
and program descriptions to find out
what the programs can do for you

Of course, we don’t just give you a program then wash our hands of you. We’re dedicated to our customers and provide them with full support.

All our programs are written in Access 2010, which you’ll be provided a free copy of, and – aside from additional training – we try to include any extras that might be of use to you and other users.

Please take a look at the program that best suits your needs, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on what Shaw Programs can do for you.

Stock Control

Stock Control Program
Manage Stock, Ordering and Invoicing, versatile, bar-code compatible programs

Equestrian Management Program
A comprehensive program for all types of horse businesses, large and small

Consultancy Program
A powerful business management program for Health, Fitness and Specialised Consultants. Ideal for Sole Traders or the Self-Employed
Contact Organiser
& Address Book
Lifestyle and Address Book Program
Affordable organiser for your busy family life
Contact Program

Business Contact Program
A flexible user-friendly program to organise and communicate effectively with your business contacts
Home Inventory
Home Inventory Program

For Multiple Properties and Individuals, a versatile property and asset tracker
Entry Program

Data Entry Program
Our FREE simple download for importing your data into any
Shaw Program
Bulk Email

Bulk Email Program
Simple software to
help you contact any number of email addresses at a time
Programs in

Shaw Programs
If you are interested
in any of these,
please contact us

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