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Wedding and
Party Planner

Wedding and Party Program
Perfect for weddings and other private parties

Effective and Affordable Computer Programs

The key to personal and professional success in today’s hectic world is organisation. Whether you’re planning an event, managing a household or running a business, there’s always so much to juggle and keep track of, so efficiently handling all your contacts and data is essential—this is where Shaw Programs comes in.

We’ve developed a range of effective, easy-to-use computer programs to help simplify your life and keep you on top of it all.

Meticulously designed for both personal and professional use, for everything from remembering important occasions to managing stocks, contacts, inventory and more, our programs are sure to meet all your organisational needs.

We can even develop a customised program (see our Programs in Development) specifically for your business at affordable bespoke rates.

Full International Settings for use around the World
All Programs can be networkable with other computers
Telephone from the screen (see “News “ for Instructions)
Email from the screen           Visit websites from the screen
30 Free Trial           Free Easy Data Entry program
Look at the Program Descriptions to see what they do

With brilliant features like network capability for multiple computers, quick screen links for streamlined communication, the ability to call contacts, email and visit websites directly from your screen and international options for overseas clients, our programs are a cut above the rest and offer that extra support to keep you on the ball at all times.

There’s no limit to the amount of data you can enter, making Shaw Programs’ software ideal for small- to medium-size business owners.

The user-friendly, flexible design also means that just about anyone can use our programs easily and effectively.

Here's a complete list of our programs:

Wedding & Party Planner                     Equestrian Management Program

Business Contact Program                 Personal Contact Organiser and Address Book

Bulk Email Program                  Data Entry Program (Free)                Stock Control Program

Home Inventory Program                            Consultancy Program

Please look at what the programs do. You can see details of them
on the appropriate page or in the news feed.


Fully tested for guaranteed reliability and data security, our comprehensive programs are compatible with all versions of Windows, and can also be used with Mac and Linux via a virtual window (See News on the website).

As all of our programs are written in Access2010, we’ll also provide you with a free copy of Access2010runtime.exe, which must be installed before downloading any of our programs.

At Shaw Programs, we pride ourselves on being a customer-centred business, so it’s important to us that you get the best possible value.

All our programs are competitively priced, and with free updates, it’s a one-off investment you won’t regret.

We offer even more added value with our Free Data Entry Program, so you can transfer all your information into your new program quickly and easily.

With the dedication to our customers in mind, we’re always available to provide full customer support. You can even contact us to arrange for additional training in any of our programs.

If you ever feel overwhelmed with all the data and information you’ve got to manage, why not regain control by downloading a 30 day free trial for any of our recently upgraded programs?
We’re sure you’ll be surprised at how efficient you become with the organisational support of Shaw Programs’ unique software.

Contact George Shaw for more information on what Shaw Programs can do for you.

Stock Control

Stock Control Program
Manage Stock, Ordering and Invoicing, versatile, bar-code compatible programs

Equestrian Management Program
A comprehensive program for all types of horse businesses, large and small

Consultancy Program
A powerful business management program for Health, Fitness and Specialised Consultants. Ideal for Sole Traders or the Self-Employed
Contact Organiser
& Address Book
Lifestyle and Address Book Program
Affordable organiser for your busy family life
Contact Program

Business Contact Program
A flexible user-friendly program to organise and communicate effectively with your business contacts
Home Inventory
Home Inventory Program

For Multiple Properties and Individuals, a versatile property and asset tracker
Entry Program

Data Entry Program
Our FREE simple download for importing your data into any
Shaw Program
Bulk Email

Bulk Email Program
Simple software to
help you contact any number of email addresses at a time
Programs in

Shaw Programs
If you are interested
in any of these,
please contact us

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